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The Learner’s Tribune is an effort to create an information driven world. The primary mission of the Learner’s Tribune is to make proper efforts to keep everyone informed with the happenings today in every aspect of the educational field possible. With the help of the Learner’s tribune the expectations of the students as well as the general mass will be met through its informative, well designed and latest updated information. The Learner’s Tribune includes a wide range of information, general and subjective that will be extremely helpful to students both in the academic field and personal interests.


The primary vision of the Learner’s Tribune is to attract the student’s attention by providing them with an entirely new perception that will be easy to grasp and will also be helpful in the long run. The Learner’s Tribune visualizes with the aim to share as much information as possible and provide its readers with fruitful and highly authenticated information. This tabloid will sum up information from different aspects of education and present it in a specific manner to all its readers.