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The Learner's Tribune

In today’s competitive world and challenging educational atmosphere every parent desires a bright and well settled future for their kids and wants them to be sophisticated and confident in every aspects of life. Keeping all this factors in mind we have designed a student tabloid to keep them updated and informed. It will allow students to experience and know the broader aspects of education in a much informative and fun filled manner.

The Learner’s tribune is a weekly tabloid that focuses on different facet of education and introduces students to unknown facts and figures associated with different subjects they learn. This way, it will trigger the concentration in studies among the students. Our goal is to make the process of learning interesting, fun and unconventional. The topics include information and awareness on the recent advances in various broad categories such as:

  • Science and Technology.
  • Arts and literature.
  • Latest happenings around the world.
  • International events.
  • Various facts and figures-Based on different fields and subjects.
  • Discoveries and inventions.
  • Leading Edge - Information about Extra Ordinary Kids who defy the natural rules and shine as child prodigy in this ever changing and rapidly developing world.
  • Paradigm Forever- History and life of some of the most celebrated and successful professionals from different fields.
  • Other subject matters on students and their various levels.
  • Fun with Quiz Brain Teasers and Puzzles.